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Lamor´s workboats are designed to be a high-value investment that can be used on a daily basis for a variety of operational tasks.

"Lamor offers versatile vessels and workboats that are advantageous during an emergency event"

How it works

Some of the typical problems for workboats are that the vessels tend to be too large to effectively operate in the cramped waterways and shallow areas typical to the shores, or are not equipped with suitable equipment for the location and conditions. With Lamor´s wide range of workboats you can rest assured that there is a suitable solution for your needs.

Lamor has single-hulled workboats ranging from 12 - 22 meters long, built from marine grade aluminum, with longer ranged workboats being ice-classed for up to 10 cm ice. For versatile everyday workboat needs the smaller 12 meter workboats are a perfect solution, being easy to maintain and transport, and small enough to work well in cramped waterways and shallow areas.

All of Lamor´s workboats are built to be easily used with oil spill response equipment such as side collectors, booms, pumps and skimmers, with typically oil being recovered with only less than 5 % water content.


  • Wide variety of workboat-classes

  • Versatile compatibility with oil spill response equipment

  • Less than 5% water content in recovered oil

Scenarios of use

  • Inland waterways
  • Coastal
  • Port, Harbor & Terminals
  • Arctic

Related equipment

Technical SpecificationsLWO 12500LWO 15000

LWO 19000

LWO 22000
Item ID395951226507241985403440
Length12500 mm / 41 ft15000 mm / 49 ft19000 mm / 62 ft22000 mm / 72 ft
Width4200 mm / 13.85000 mm / 16.4 ft 5300 mm / 17.4 ft4800 mm / 15.7
Draft max650 mm / 2.1 ft1200 mm / 4 ft1600 mm / 5.2 ft1500 mm / 4.9 ft
Displacement23000 kg / 50706 lbs58200 kg / 128309 lbs31000 kg / 68343 lbs45000 kg / 99208 lbs
Crew max.4 pers.6 pers.4 pers.12 pers.
Engine320 hp410 hp
Speed12 kn10 kn10 kn20 kn

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