Rotary Lobe Pump VX100 64 Q 1300x860

Rotary lobe pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps (VX 100-64Q)

The Rotary Lobe Transfer Pump VX 100-64Q is a light-weight transportable positive displacement pump with multipurpose usages for various oil recovery applications e.g. several types of skimmers. It can also be used as an off-loading pump.

How it works

The transfer pump has a capacity of 20 m3/h (77 GPM) and it can handle solids of up to 19 mm (0.75 in) and has a self-priming suction lift of up to 7.62 m (25 ft). Its compact size and high performance make it ideal for off-loading medium viscous oils with debris or contaminated, emulsified oil-water mixtures on site. The Rotary Lobe principal ensures that the pump has sensitive shear characteristics, giving smooth pumping action and pulsation-free operation to avoid further emulsification. The pump is manufactured in cast iron with an aluminum pump casing and is fitted with an oil-resistant rubber lobe rotor for maximum performance. The pump noise output is only 78 dB and is fitted with a hydraulic motor for extended use and reliability. Standard hydraulic connectors: pressure 1/2″ Tema 5011 (female), return 1/2″ Tema 5021 (male), standard discharge outlet 3″ Camlock (male).


  • Light-weight and transportable
  • Multipurpose usage for various oil recovery applications
  • Sea water resistant aluminum with aluminum frame

Scenarios of use

  • Inland
  • Rivers
  • Harbors, ports & terminals
  • Shoreline
  • Offshore

Related equipment

Technical SpecificationsLPSC 330S-seriesVX 100-64Q
Item ID397867403003218534
Length1850 mm / 72.8 in635 mm (25 in)473 mm / 18.6 in
Width700 mm / 27.5 in254 mm (10 in)168 mm / 6.6 in
Height1480 mm / 58.3 in457 mm (18 in)315 mm / 12.4 in
Weight750 kg / 1653 lbs19 kg (42 lbs)48 kg / 105 lbs
Capacity334 m³/h* / 1471 gpm*37 m3/h (165 gpm)20 m³/h* / 86 gpm*
EngineDeutz D2011L04i--
PumpVictor S 160--
Total Head40 m / 131ft--
Power-2.9 kw (4 hp)9 kW / 12 hp
Coupling Size-51 mm (2 in)-
Engine Type-Gas-
Hydraulic flow (skimmer)--40 l/min / 10.7 gpm
Hydraulic pressure--135 bar / 1958 psi
Discharge pressure--5 bar / 72.5 psi
Solids handling--19 mm / 0.75 in

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