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Lamor aims to establish sustainable relationships with stakeholders through carefully chosen sponsorship activities that align with our core values of passion, innovation, and trust. Lamor's sponsorships should always yield benefits in terms of visibility, public relations, business growth, or sustainability.

Our sponsorship focus is divided into two categories: local collaborations and selected programs.

Local Collaborations

Our local sponsorships primarily aim to support the well-being of communities where Lamor has a presence. The main emphasis for local sponsorships is on student organisations and related events. To request local sponsorships, please fill in our sponsorship form below.

Selected Programs

Lamor extends support to selected programs, initiatives, or activities that meet the following criteria:

  • Initiatives must have well-defined objectives with a clear means of ensuring these objectives are met.
  • Initiatives must bring benefits to Lamor in terms of business, branding, or sustainability, thereby enhancing brand value.
  • Initiatives must be backed by a written contract detailing targets, terms, and the duration of the partnership.

Decisions regarding sponsorships for selected programs are made by Lamor's CEO.

Lamor does not support

  • Initiatives that conflict with Lamor's core values.
  • Initiatives that create conflicts of interest for Lamor.
  • Initiatives that could harm the Lamor brand's value.
  • Initiatives that may have negative social or environmental impacts.
  • Parties that do not comply with Lamor's supplier requirements or Code of Conduct.
  • Individual persons, political candidates, parties, or groups.

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