Sustainable development targets

Lamor has defined a clear sustainability strategy, sustainability goals and indicators, as well as quantified positive and negative impacts of our operations.

Increasing positive and reducing negative environmental impact

Lamor started to calculate it’s emissions in 2022 when the company was generating only a small portion of emissions directly through its own activities and the largest portion as a result of its business relationships.

Lamor has significantly increased its turnover in 2022 and is now focusing its business activities towards increased service offering. This transformation will result in growth of company’s both direct and indirect emissions.

During 2023 Lamor is focusing its sustainability work on developing quantitative emission reduction targets. Availability of low carbon materials and fuels will play a significant role in reduction of Lamor’s carbon footprint.

Lamor aims to be a safe, equal and attractive place to work for all employees and partners

During 2022 Lamor has developed and increased its KPI’s related to social and governance aspects in order to monitor and improve sustainability actions.

Since Lamor operates in countries which potentially have a higher risk for human rights violations, bribery, and corruption. Lamor has identified these issues as a significant part of its corporate responsibility work and targets.

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