Increased material recycling in Guyana makes a positive impact

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Lamor has established integrated hazardous waste management services in Guyana with a ten-year service contract. This includes the construction and operation of a waste management facility in Georgetown. Happily, the first year of operations at the facility has already proven a success.


In 2020, Lamor partnered with Gaico Construction and General Services Inc and Guyana Shore Base Inc to form a consortium called Sustainable Environmental Solutions Guyana Inc. (SES). The consortium signed a major agreement with Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL), a local energy company, to provide integrated hazardous waste management services. The ten-year service contract includes the construction and operation of a waste management facility in Georgetown.

Our customer was faced with the challenge of efficiently and safely managing waste, while meeting international environmental standards and protecting Guyana’s natural resources.


From the beginning, this project has been driven by a circular economy philosophy, in order to maximise the reuse of materials. The operation was specifically designed to receive all hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated by EEPGL, whilst our facility is designed to recover and reuse as much waste material as possible.

We’ve implemented advanced waste processing technologies that recover base oils to produce new drilling mud. We’ve also set up cutting-edge wastewater treatment equipment capable of treating oil and chemical-contaminated waters, as well as container washdown waters, to generate reusable process water within the facility.

At the end August 2022, our hazardous waste management facility achieved an impressive milestone of 365 consecutive Lost Time Injury (LTI) free days. This was a significant achievement, especially as it was made during the facility's start-up, commissioning, and ramp-up period.

“We will be able to manage our customers’ waste efficiently and safely, helping them to achieve international environmental compliance whilst at the same time being able to protect the natural resources of Guyana,” says Paul Roach, Head of Waste Management Business Line of Lamor.


Lamor is making a positive impact in Guyana by increasing material recycling through our waste management project. This initiative showcases our expertise in promoting reusability and recycling of materials, particularly in areas where waste management regulations are still being developed.

What’s more, we’re actively fostering partnerships with the local supply chain to explore sustainable opportunities for waste material reprocessing, such as the reuse of plastics and the conversion of recovered waste oils into secondary fuels. These initiatives aim to increase the circularity of materials and contribute to a more sustainable future for Guyana.

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