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Environmental preparedness

40+ years of oil spill response expertise

For over four decades, Lamor has been dedicated to developing oil spill response products and practices to protect the environment. We offer a full range of oil spill response technology for sale and rental, with globally distributed equipment inventories and networks that enable professional emergency response in any location.

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Lamor Environmental preparedness

Oil Spill Response technology

Sensoring and detection

Sensoring and detection technologies play a critical role in risk management. At Lamor we have the expertise to choose the right technology and tailor a solution that meets the unique needs of our organisation.

Oil containment booms

A containment boom is a floating barrier used to control the spread of an oil spill. Booms are used to protect shorelines and other vital environmentally sensitive areas.

Oil skimming systems

Oil skimming systems are designed to recover oil and other floating liquids from water.


Lamor pumps are multipurpose, high-performance and proven to recover all kinds of liquids up to very high viscosity fluids like bitumen.

Vessels and workboats

Lamor’s specialized, multipurpose oil spill response vessels & workboats have been utilized globally over the past 40 years.

Oil storage

Lamor offers solutions for recovered oils through various types of storage devices on-land and at sea.

Dispersant and absorbents

Dispersants and absorbents are important ancillary products in spill management and cleanup. They are effective tools for controlling spills and mitigating their impact on the environment and wildlife.

Lamor Oil spill response boats Large 2560x1440

Impact study

Lamor and NCEC partner to enhance oil spill response in the Red Sea area

In March 2021, Lamor entered into a three-year service agreement with the National Center for Environmental Compliance (NCEC) in Saudi Arabia to strengthen their oil spill response capabilities within the Red Sea area.

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