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15 July, 2020 News

Lamor offers high-quality masks to help protect against COVID-19

- Lamor is taking their long expertise in environmental services to personal protective equipment.  ...

21 May, 2020 News

Lamor cleans up environmental incidents in Latin America despite COVID-19 challenges

While the world is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Lamor makes sure that the environment is sa...

28 April, 2020 News

Practical Action, Lamor Foundation and Lamor Corporation Ab set up a joint Covid-19 response

Utilising the collective network, offices, personnel, resources and logistics of the three organisat...

24 April, 2020 News

Practical Action and Lamor Foundation declare war on plastics and poverty

A bold collaboration intending to help solve two of the world’s toughest problems has been signed.

21 April, 2020 News

Lamor opens office in India to help booming subcontinent with environmental services

Lamor has established its 17th global office in Navi Mumbai, India. Lamor India Private Limited (LIP...

31 March, 2020 News

Lamor to consolidate subsidiary Corena Group Ab to better serve customers

Corena Group Ab, the service arm of the Lamor Group, will be merged into the parent company. This wi...

24 March, 2020 News

Romania receives new oil recovery vessel

The 19-metre Maia is equipped with proven Lamor oil recovery technologies.

19 March, 2020 News

Lamor maintains readiness to support Oil Spill Response during COVID-19 outbreak

Lamor’s global footprint allows it to continue to support their customers with Oil Spill Response ev...

13 February, 2020 News

Lamor expands its expertise to Waste Management and Water Treatment services

Lamor is entering a new era in its history with even bigger goals to clean the world. Being an exper...

22 January, 2019 Insider

Lamor takes lead in implementing coworking model

“The third floor in the completely renovated building owned by Cospace Finland, will be an open offi...

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