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Lamor Corporation is headquartered in Porvoo, Finland but has a global reach.
We are always looking for top talent across the globe from individuals who share our mission to clean the world. 


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Cooperative. Communicative. Team Focused. Efficient. 
These are a few of the traits that make us Lamorians. 


Being a global company, you have the opportunity within Lamor to grow your skills and potentially explore new business avenues you have not known about before. We help cultivate your talent to ensure the most cutting edge workforce. 


 In HQ, our open-concept workspace makes it easy for you to become part of the team. 

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Are you needing an internship? Interested in the behind the scenes workings of some of our business lines and how you can learn those skills? 

Provide your information below by submitting a resume to our team. We are always looking for new young professionals to help out. 


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