The global environmental challenges of one are the challenges of us all. At Lamor, we have always believed that the only way to solve them is together. We are one of the world’s leading environmental solutions providers. Our solutions and expertise are designed to protect the environment and ecosystems.

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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Lamor provides solutions to Environmental protection for all kinds of organizations. Ranging from oil spill response to environmental risk management, we are here to support you in protecting the environment. Based on your need, we provide you with the solution that fits best your operating environment - including technology and services, and up to operating your oil spill response capability as a service.

Material Recycling - Waste

Material Recycling - Waste

Aiming to clean the world, Lamor provides solutions ranging from the recycling of excess raw materials (such as plastics or waste oil) to the remediation and restoration of contaminated soil. We are here to support you in the journey toward a cleaner tomorrow.

Material Recycling - Water

Material Recycling - Water

Being an expert in purification solutions for the most demanding needs, Lamor provides services to various sectors from municipal waste and potable water to large industrial segments. We are ready to guide your business and processes toward a more sustainable future.


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