Let’s clean the world

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At Lamor, we’ve always believed that collaboration is the key to addressing the global environmental challenges faced by our world. In practice, this means our ambitious goals involve creating a positive impact for all participants, an approach we call "collaborative positive impact."

Together with our customers, our positive impact is evident. We work in tandem to enhance both environmental and social outcomes. What’s more, we strive to understand our customers' challenges in detail and identify the best solution for the issue at hand, regardless of location. Ultimately, we aim to solve problems alongside our customers, by employing efficient, fit-for-purpose solutions.

Together with our partners, we foster two types of collaborative positive impact. Within our network, we collaborate to exchange global know-how and best practices, enabling our network to work collectively and drive innovation forward. Through this cooperation, we empower our partners with global growth opportunities and local success.

For Lamorians, we offer an inspiring purpose that attracts ambitious employees. We create opportunities for innovative teams to pursue continuous improvement and career development, fostering a supportive and growth-oriented environment.

For our owners, Lamor represents a company that delivers rapid, profitable, and sustainable growth. We invite all investors to join us on a journey towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Most importantly, our collaborative business model generates significant positive impact for both the Earth and society. Our solutions contribute to protecting biodiversity and promoting a healthier environment. By using resources more efficiently, we conserve virgin raw materials and safeguard the environment. Additionally, we provide education on environmental protection and response worldwide, fostering a positive societal impact.

Want to learn more about our mission, who we are and what we stand for, see our about us -section.

Let’s clean the world

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