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About us

Sustainable development is at the heart of what we do

At Lamor, sustainability is central to our business. We strive to continuously enhance our environmental solutions to safeguard the natural world and protect the environment.

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Making global impact locally with our customers and partners

Our vision is a clean tomorrow, where future generations can enjoy clean water and soil under their feet. The world can only be cleaned together. As a company dedicated to working together to clean the world, everything we do is guided by passion, innovation and trust. The global environmental challenges of one are the challenges of us all. We help solve global environmental challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity and decreasing biodiversity locally, with a network of partners.

The world can’t clean itself. But together we can.

From preventing oil spills to massive clean-ups and from material recycling to waste management, water and soil treatment, we are there when the world needs us. Innovative and cutting-edge technology and personalized service are at the heart of everything we do. We’re globally local, operating in over 100 countries through our subsidiaries and associate companies and our vast partner and distribution networks. The world can’t clean itself. But together we can.

What we do

At Lamor we promote circular economy, protection of biodiversity and careful use of scarce resources with its solutions and technologies. We offer expertise and solutions for protecting and cleaning the environment and ecosystems - globally but locally.

Our customers are within the public and private sectors and operate in the energy, infrastructure and industrial segments. We solve our customers challenges that are for example transformation to more sustainable operations, safeguarding good quality life and business environments as well as needs to become more sustainable in order to stay competitive.

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Your trusted partner delivering positive environmental impact locally on a global scale.

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Lamor’s company culture is based on our values

Lamor’s company culture is based on our values that we stand for: passion, innovation and trust guide us in everything that we do. With us, people feel valued, have equal opportunities and possibilities to grow. Excellent collaboration both internally and externally leads us to success.

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About our roots

Lamor – Larsen Marin Oil Recovery – was established in 1982 as a specialized, family-owned shipyard in Finland. The key breakthrough that directed the future course of the company was an elegantly simple technology invented by Lamor to recover oil from maritime spills: the brush skimmer. This invention established the framework for Lamor’s core philosophy: develop the simplest and most efficient technical responses to our customers’ individual oil spill challenges, anywhere in the world. The success of this corporate philosophy is evident in Lamor’s global reach.

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