Value creation at the core of Lamor's strategy

Our vision about a cleaner tomorrow highlights our sustainable business model. Lamor's strategy is aiming to increase positive impact with solutions relating to environmental protection and material recycling.

With its solutions and technologies Lamor promotes circular economy, protection of biodiversity and careful use of scarce natural resources. The key to sustainable business is cooperation with customers and partners reinforced with continuous innovation.

We want to support sustainable development in everything we do. Our personnel’s job satisfaction and safety are important sustainability themes for us, and our goal is to further develop our leadership expertise so that we can respond to the changes caused by our growth. Additionally, respect for human rights and anti-corruption work are material for our business.

“With limited resources we are able to create positive impact on the environment and society. We want to develop our business determinedly and the identified material topics will support us in this work during the coming years,” Johanna Grönroos, Chief Development Officer of Lamor

Lamor’s business stands out through its high positive net impact

Lamor has engaged with The Upright Project which has carried out an external assessment of the company’s business activities. The Upright Project analyses impacts through their effect on society, knowledge, health, and environment. Lamor’s net impact ratio (the company’s positive impacts less its negative impacts) for 2022 has been identified as highly positive with a total score of +66%. The result of this assessment supports the choice of Lamor’s identified material topics and the progress towards achieving the goals.

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