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Targeting protection of biodiversity, efficient use of natural resources and climate change mitigation

Lamor’s updated strategy defines a clear path towards the company’s vision – a world with clean water and soil during our lifetime.Lamor targets protection of biodiversity, efficient use of natural resources and climate change mitigation both within its own activities and with its offering that supports the company’s customers and partners in their sustainability actions.

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Impacts on biodiversity

Decreasing biodiversity is not only material for Lamor, but for the whole world in general. Through its activities, Lamor wants to directly target the challenges of the decreasing biodiversity. Lamor seeks to protect biodiversity with its current solutions which are primarily developed to prevent pollution and other adverse impacts on the environment. Cleaning up and restoring contaminated land and water areas allows the species to return to their natural habitat and the ecological processes to function properly. In 2022, Lamor promoted clean-up and restoration in Peru and Kuwait.

Preserving the environment in South America

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Efficient use of natural resources

Lamor’s vision and strategy focuses on tackling the global resource depletion and to provide recycled material for a globally growing demand of natural resources. Recycling and reusing of resources tackle the most severe problems of our lifetime, such as increased water scarcity and climate change. Lamor solutions reduce negative impacts of industrial activities and enable their continuance, which in turn have a positive impact on people and human rights. Climate change mitigation is driving companies to avoid extracting fossil raw materials for use in their products. To tackle the global resource scarcity Lamor is extending its offering of recycling solutions with the chemical recycling of plastics.

Climate change mitigation

Lamor’s goal is to reduce the most significant emissions the company has influence over and to mitigate Lamor’s risk exposure related to climate change. We strive to build a sustainable business model where the environmental handprint of our solutions is combined with as a low footprint as possible.

Many negative impacts in Lamor’s value chain can be mitigated when technological decarbonisation development advances to the level of being an economically feasible option for our customers. Availability of low carbon materials and fuels will play a significant role in reduction of Lamor’s carbon footprint.

Since Lamor also operates in countries where environmental awareness is not yet at the same level as for example in Europe, development is in some respect slow. Lamor strives to increase its customers’ environmental awareness and always aims to deliver solutions at the internationally accepted sustainability level.

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