South American communities and ecosystems protected and preserved by Lamor's expertise

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Lamor worked to help a South American company with oil spills in a remote jungle area. Using our expertise and technology, Lamor reduced the negative environmental impact, while establishing systems for risk mitigation.


A South American state-owned oil company was faced with a complex situation when multiple oil spills occurred on its main pipeline. The challenges were numerous and included factors such as an aging and poorly maintained pipeline, geohazards such as landslides leading to ruptures and spills, and social conflict arising from differing stakeholder expectations and frustrations. The situation was further aggravated by acts of sabotage and intrusion on some facilities. Compounding the difficulties, many of these spills occurred in remote areas, which made it challenging for both personnel and equipment to access them.


In the field of environmental issues and risk management, Lamor had developed a strategic partnership with the oil company over the course of several years. Lamor was one of the few companies eligible to provide assistance when the company faced several oil spills. This was as a result of us obtaining an official license as an oil spill response operator and possessing the necessary technical, operational, and logistical capabilities. Consequently, the oil company requested Lamor's aid not only in resolving the immediate spill issues, but also in developing long-term risk management strategies.

To deal with the situation on site, Lamor provided a team of oil spill response experts, cutting-edge technology, and a range of specialized equipment. This included machinery such as fast response booms, selective brush skimmers, and a high-capacity screw as well as positive displacement pumps. Their comprehensive response also required us to use advanced clean-up techniques, work on the remediation of contaminated land, and safely dispose of oiled waste.

The preparedness and emergency response plan were strengthened through on-site expertise, oil spill technology, and clean-up techniques. This meant the pipeline's response capacity was enhanced, while enabling the team to respond quickly and efficiently to incidents. Proper response protocols were also put in place to handle the inhospitable environments and remote locations where the oil pipeline is situated.

In addition to addressing the oil spills, Lamor took steps to improve the relationship between the oil company and the local communities. This included active engagement and investment in environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Social experts were brought in to understand the concerns of the local people and work towards a respectful and mutually beneficial resolution. This effort included clear communication channels and a social plan with actionable steps.

“The oil spills were quickly and efficiently cleaned, with approval from the national environmental authority. Lamor helped to protect and preserve the environment as well as the local communities’ way of life,” says Danilo Alvarez, Project Manager at Lamor Ecuador.


Lamor's prompt and effective response to the oil spills received approval from the national environmental authority. It also ensured the protection and preservation of the environment and the local communities' way of life.

As a result, the customer's relationship with the local communities has improved, leading to a decrease in oil spill incidents and an enhanced reputation. Additionally, the local communities are now benefiting from economic growth and healthy social development.

To bolster their response capacity, Lamor has established four response bases, ranging from Tier I to Tier II, in the country, which are further supported by regional stockpiles and Tier III global response centers. This local presence ensures a fast and thorough response in the event of an incident, saving both time and money while preserving and promoting the oil company's good reputation.

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