Financial informationv4

Financial information

Interim Financial Report 1 January–31 March 2024:  Market activity increasing despite the geopolitical situation

  • Revenue was EUR 23,9 million and 4.5% higher than in the comparison period (22,8)
  • EBIT improved slightly from the comparison period and was EUR 0,4 million (0,2)
  • Adjusted EBIT was EUR 0,5 million (0,2) and 2.0% of revenue (0.9%)
  • Net cash flow from operating activities was EUR -13.1 million (-8,8)
  • Earnings per share (basic) was EUR -0.01 (-0.02)
  • Orders received increased by 48.1% and amounted to EUR 16,0 million (10,8)

Guidance for 2024

In accordance with the guidance published on 16 February 2024, Lamor estimates that its revenue for the financial year 2024 will be at least at the same level as in 2023 (2023: EUR 122.5 million). Due to the uncertain market situation and uncertainty regarding the schedule of large tenders, Lamor does not provide guidance for profitability.

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