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Increasing environmental awareness to widen Lamor's business opportunities

Globally increasing environmental awareness creates market demand for sustainable solutions to clean our soils and waters. Increased awareness has led governments and private sectors to pay attention to uncleaned areas with soil and water contamination. There is a large number of restoration liabilities arising from oil spills on a global level, and a number of large-scale oil spills still remain uncleaned. In addition, increased environmental awareness has also led to tightening environmental legislation, and for instance sufficient oil spill response equipment and service capabilities have a critical role in the future of environmental protection.

With its wide-ranging technology portfolio and experience of soil remediation and water treatment solutions, Lamor can offer its clients comprehensive solutions to decrease their restoration liability, to protect the biodiversity, to enhance the recycling of materials as well as to improve their environmental preparedness capabilities. Lamor’s business model that supports sustainable development meets this demand well and the ongoing green transition will further support the demand for Lamor’s technologies and solutions.

Increased willingness to protect sensitive ecosystems create new business opportunities for Lamor

At the same time, the increased understanding of the sensitivity of ecosystems and legacy soil contamination create a need for the governmental and the private sector to be better prepared for future incidents and to finance the clean-up operations of the legacy contamination. Lamor seeks to utilise its wide-ranging expertise to grow in these market segments and areas. Lamor expects the demand of its solutions to increase significantly also in the future.

Mitigation of climate change supports increased material recycling

There are significant initiatives to reduce the use of virgin crude oil in the petrochemical industry to combat climate change, and the chemical plastic recycling market is expected to be in the magnitude of hundreds of billions of euros by 2050. Lamor’s plan is to build a blueprint of the factory and gain the chemical plastic recycling reference in Finland, after which Lamor plans to utilise its global network to build similar plants in the company´s strong market areas.

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