Disclosure Policy

Lamor Corporation Plc (“Lamor“) complies with applicable EU and Finnish legislation, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s (“Nasdaq Helsinki“) First North Growth Market Rulebook and the Nordic Main Market Rulebook for Issuers of Shares as each is applied on the Premier segment, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd´s First North Bond Market Rulebook, Nasdaq Helsinki’s Guidelines for Insiders, the regulations and guidelines of the European Securities and Markets Authority and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Finnish Corporate Governance Code as applied on the Premier segment, as well as Lamor’s principles of management and other internal guidelines in its communications.

The Board of Directors of Lamor has approved Disclosure Policy on November 25, 2021. The Policy was last amended with effect from 18 August 2023, and will be updated as needed.

Key principles of disclosure

The key principles of Lamor’s communications are consistency, accuracy, transparency, timeliness and fairness. Lamor communicates information, whether positive or negative, consistently and simultaneously to the capital markets and other stakeholders.

The aim of Lamor’s communications is to support the accuracy of the pricing of Lamor’s shares and potential other financial instruments issued by Lamor by providing the capital markets with timely, reliable, accurate and relevant information on the operations, operational environment, strategy, targets and financial position of Lamor.

Lamor shall disclose as soon as possible information required to be disclosed by relevant disclosure obligations. All releases are published on Lamor’s website in addition to other applicable distribution channels. Information is disclosed in Finnish and in English.

Lamor does not comment on market rumours, speculations, valuation or price performance of the company’s share or other financial instruments, or actions of competitors or customers. Lamor may publicly disclose a company announcement to correct clearly incorrect or misleading information that is likely to have a significant effect on the price of Lamor’s financial instruments.

Organisation and responsibilities

At Lamor, communication with capital markets, including the issuance of statements and being the contact person for investors, shareholders and analysts, is the responsibility of Lamor’s CEO,CFO and CDO. Only such persons address the capital markets on behalf of Lamor. Lamor’s CDO acts as an investor liaison and coordinates investor relations and investor communications. The Board of Directors shall in the ordinary course be represented by the Chairperson.

Lamor’s Certified Adviser pursuant to the First North Rulebook is Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch.

Releases and channels of communication

Lamor´s shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market Finland. In addition, Lamor has applied for its Notes to be admitted to trading on the First North Bond Market Finland multilateral trading facility maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Therefore, the primary channels of communication for Lamor are company announcements, press releases and other releases and news, materials on Lamor’s website as well as various meetings and events.

Lamor’s company announcements are the method of publishing regulated disclosure concerning Lamor. Inside information as well as other information required by applicable legislation and the applicable rules of Nasdaq Helsinki shall be disclosed through a company announcement.

Lamor’s website www.lamor.com is the principal source of other information on Lamor. Lamor may also use other channels of publication for the sharing of information concerning Lamor.

Company announcements and other releases

Lamor will as soon as possible disclose inside information concerning Lamor through a company announcement, as well as any other information which is to be disclosed through a company announcement under applicable regulations. In addition, Lamor shall disclose through company announcements any decisions, information and events as required by law and the applicable rules of Nasdaq Helsinki. Company announcements are delivered to Nasdaq Helsinki and key media and published on Lamor’s website.

News that do not meet the requirements set for company announcements but which Lamor considers newsworthy or in other ways of interest to Lamor’s stakeholders are published on as a press release or as news.

Financial reporting

Before the start of each financial year, Lamor publishes a company announcement listing the dates on which it aims to disclose financial reports and the date of the Annual General Meeting. The financial calendar is also available on Lamor’s website.

Lamor publishes interim reports on a quarterly basis, the financial statements bulletin, the financial statements and the report of Board of Directors as well as the audit report. In addition, Lamor discloses all other financial information as required by applicable legislation and regulations that it must comply with.

Silent period and closed period

Lamor adheres to a 30-day silent period in its communication with investors and the media. The silent period precedes the publication of a financial statements bulletin and interim report. During the silent period, Lamor does not give comments to the media or other parties on Lamor’s financial position, markets or future outlook or meet with capital markets representatives. The silent period ends when the financial statements bulletin or interim report is published.

Should an event requiring immediate disclosure occur during the silent period, Lamor shall disclose said information without delay in accordance with applicable disclosure obligations and may, after the disclosure, comment on said event.

Members of the Board of Directors and the Management Team of Lamor as well as certain other Lamor staff members e.g. the Group Finance Team may not execute transactions on their own account or for the account of a third party, directly or indirectly, in Lamor’s financial instruments during a period of 30 days before the disclosure of a financial statements bulletin or interim report, the day of the disclosure included.

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