Notification of major holdings

Shareholders of a listed company, persons comparable to a shareholder and the listed company itself have the obligation to make notifications of major holdings, i.e. to report major voting rights.

Notifications of changes in holdings must be made to Lamor and the Financial Supervisory Authority without undue delay, but no later than on the trading day following a breach of the notification threshold.

The Finnish Securities Markets Act defines the thresholds for making notifications of major holdings. Changes in holdings must be disclosed when:

  • the holdings or votes reach, exceed or fall below 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 2/3 or 90 per cent or two thirds of the number of voting rights or shares in a company

Lamor discloses the shareholder's notification in the form of a stock exchange release without undue delay.

Submitting a notification to Lamor

Notifications of major holdings shall be sent to Lamor Corporation Plc’s email address: 

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