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Green finance instruments

Lamor has issued its first secured green notes in the amount of EUR 25 million. Trading of the Notes on the First North Bond Market Finland multilateral trading facility maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd has commenced on 25 August 2023. ISIN code of the Notes is FI4000556154.

The Notes are issued at an issue price of 100 per cent and carry fixed interest of 10 per cent per annum. Interest on the Notes will be payable semi-annually. The issue date of the Notes was 24 August 2023 and the Notes will mature on 24 August 2026 unless redeemed earlier by Lamor. The Notes are secured by a second priority pledge over Lamor's business mortgages.

The issuance gives investors the opportunity to support Lamor in the company's objectives to protect biodiversity, increase material recycling and combat climate change. The green notes show Lamor´s commitment to advance sustainable business models, and the company in reaching its long-term financial targets over the coming years.


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