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Enabling environmental protection and efficient material recycling

With four decades of built-up experience and know-how, Lamor has made determined progress towards expanding its solutions in the areas of environmental protection and efficient material recycling.Environmental incidents caused by climate change increase the amount of unprecedented spills and pollution, which are likely to become more common in the future. Being prepared for efficient spill response is part of climate change adaptation.In the current waste-intensive world material recycling has become a priority. Efficient recycling is closely related to Lamor’s other solutions to tackle natural resource depletion and to increase resource use efficiency.

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Building up preparedness

Lamor encourages its customers to be prepared for environmental incidents as efficiently as possible. Efficient preparedness reduces the environmental damage of a clean-up operation, as well as its costs. Having capacity to efficiently respond to environmental incidents is particularly important in high-traffic areas and areas with water stress, as an incident can have a paralysing effect on the whole region.

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Response and clean-up of spills

By recovering oil spills and contaminations, Lamor mitigates negative environmental impact. Uncleaned spills increase health problems, threaten biodiversity and pollute soil and groundwater. Lamor delivers optimised capacity tailor-made for the customer and the area, and carefully plans its operations, which ensures an efficient and environmentally friendly response to environmental incidents.

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Oil spill response operations are usually energy and resource intensive, due to the urgency of required actions which decreases opportunities to mitigate negative impacts. A large portion of emissions can be avoided by building up preparedness capacity for future spill response.

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Recycling of waste and plastics

Lamor has the best available technologies to treat waste and aims to add value through recovery, reuse and recycling. Lamor delivers recycling solutions to its customers and partners where pollutants like oil as well as water and solid substances are separated and treated. To tackle the global resource depletion Lamor is extending its offering of recycling solutions with the chemical recycling of plastics. Recycling reduces local pollution and enables reuse of these resources in production processes and local communities.

Plastic waste - valuable raw material

Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental threats of our lifetime, with huge amounts of plastic waste accumulated in the environment and only less than 10 percent of it recycled globally. Lamor considers this a huge problem that needs to be solved. Thus Lamor is initiating activities in the plastics recycling business as an extension to its offering for combating environmental pollution.

Climate change mitigation is driving companies to avoid extraction of fossil raw materials for use in their products, with a still growing demand for plastics to be produced. Lamor’s aim is to develop a less emission-intensive raw material for plastics.

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Remediation and restoration

Remediation and restoration of polluted land areas prevent groundwater contamination, minimises the amount of hazardous waste sent to landfills and restores biodiversity of the area and its surroundings. To maximise the positive impacts of remediation Lamor select the right methodologies and technologies for each project. Having the available resources and expertise at hand, Lamor is able to support its customers in combating a larger scale of environmental pollution.

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When untreated, waste can have negative impacts, which over time extend beyond the locations where waste is generated and discarded – increasing the area for remediation and restoration.