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Social sustainability as part of Lamor’s culture

Lamor is a global company, with local presence. The Lamor way of working has always fostered non- discrimination and care for Lamor’s personnel and all people involved in its operations. The Lamor family is an international family prioritising well-being, as well as health and safety, in addition to profitable business.Being an organisation with diverse global operations, Lamor operates in countries which potentially have a higher risk for human rights violations, bribery, and corruption. Lamor has identified these issues as a significant part of its corporate responsibility. Local presence with global ways of working enables reaching the company’s growth targets and mitigates the company’s risks.In 2022, Lamor continued to grow creating economic value to the society. Lamor creates jobs in countries with a low education level and high unemployment rate, where the company also employs migrant workers.

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Lamor provides people with a meaningful job

Lamor aims to be a safe, equal and attractive place to work for all employees and partners. Lamor provides people with a meaningful job - a workplace with a clear purpose that creates motivation and commitment to go an extra mile for Lamor’s mission to clean the world. The year 2022 was a year of change for Lamor with a rapidly grown business volume and organisation. Lamor has strengthened its competences, renewed the operating model and recruited several new Lamorians to promote the growth and accelerate the journey towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Respect for human rights

Lamor wants to ensure that any negative impacts are identified and remediated. Being an ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment) and 45001 (health and safety) certified company, Lamor has an Integrated Management System (IMS) to ensure that people at all organisational levels act responsibly and with awareness of and respect for human rights. Principles for responsible business conduct, including the respect for human rights, are implemented through Lamor’s operational policies and procedures, which guarantees early action for prevention and mitigation of potential negative impacts.

Lamor has established a Whistleblowing channel and a grievance mechanism to receive and facilitate resolution for misconduct. Lamor aims to process any received grievance and to establish an appropriate solution to them in cooperation with the party who raised the concern.


Lamor is a global company with operations and value chain spanning many geographic regions. Operating in such an international environment naturally involves inclusion of different cultures, religions and social origin. Thus, equality and non-discrimination are an important part of Lamor’s social culture.

At Lamor everyone is equal – regardless of the person’s background their rights are of equal value and worth to Lamor. In 2022, no reports of discrimination were made or observed at Lamor.

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Operations with local community engagement

From the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon jungles to the fjords of Tierra del Fuego in Chile, Lamor works with local communities, providing jobs and economic development to the sectors where it operates. Currently, in Ecuador, 85% of our local workforce come from the local communities, demonstrating our commitment to employ and involve the local workforce. Lamor furthermore provides training to the communities where it operates, for instance on environment and safety, hygiene and health, water care and first aid. Lamor has also promoted the economic growth and development of women, being a pioneer in social programs such as “Entrepreneur Women”, where Lamor, provided women in the local communities with financial skills. Lamor has also focused its resources on the abolition of child labour and offered technology support in remediation projects and community farms.