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At Lamor, we supply environmental and material recycling solutions across the globe. Utilising our leading partner network, we deliver first-rate solutions worldwide whilst maintaining a strong focus on local presence to maximise value and positive impact. It is this distinct "globally local" approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

A strong local presence is fundamental to Lamor's approach in crafting impactful solutions. We believe that devising the most effective solutions necessitates a thorough understanding of the local context and operational environment. As a result, we typically forge strong, enduring relationships with local partners. Alongside providing services locally, we also aim to generate a positive impact together with our clients and partners, for instance, by enhancing local knowledge and capabilities over time.

Our leading partner network is central to the success of our globally local operating model. We firmly believe that each client has distinct requirements, and our approach begins by customising the most effective technological solutions to suit local needs. As a result, we opt for a network model that incorporates best-practice partners. This approach enables our clients to receive the finest solutions while offering our partners opportunities for global growth.

The Lamor way of working unifies our globally local operating model. It showcases how we deliver value through a comprehensive global offering, streamlined processes, and efficient work methods. Ultimately, it all boils down to our culture: a unified team working passionately, innovatively, with trust to create a collaborative, positive impact.

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