Group photo

21 May 2024

Latin American delegates visiting Lamor Kilpilahti facility

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Map Web

17 May 2024

Mongla Port in Bangladesh will soon be fully equipped to protect rivers and oceans from waste and pollution

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Peru impact study 1300x860 4

06 May 2024

Lamor's rapid response to Puinahua river oil spill protects the fragile Peruvian ecosystem

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WWF IMG 3937 edited

26 Apr 2024

The risk of an oil spill rising in the Gulf of Finland - WWF Finland and Lamor train volunteers

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Chile vessel Web

18 Apr 2024

Lamor conducting oil spill response exercise at Santos Mardones, Punta Arenas

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Ambassador Chile visit March 2024

09 Apr 2024

Finnish Ambassador visits Lamor bioremediation project in Chile’s Magallanes region

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IMG 9430

25 Mar 2024

Spanish Coast Guard's new vessel equipped for oil spill response

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2024 WWF Lamor batch web 1300x867

14 Mar 2024

Lamor partners with WWF Finland to enhance oil spill response preparedness in the Baltic Sea

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Manel at award 2024 1300x860

06 Mar 2024

Lamor winning the prestigious Contractor HSSE Performance award in Kuwait

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Port Of Duqum Drill Feb 2024

01 Mar 2024

Strengthening maritime preparedness: Tier II drill success at Port of Duqm in Oman

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Lamor team Riyadh

27 Feb 2024

Riyadh's Environmental Compliance Forum: Vision 2030 in focus

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Cape Town team

27 Feb 2024

Lamor Africa Business Partners Conference: Uniting professionals across the continent

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CDT 1300x860 3

15 Feb 2024

Successful remediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated sites in Ecuador

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Team photo from Dominican Republic 2024

14 Feb 2024

Commissioning and training of OSR equipment in Caucedo port, Dominican Republic

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Bilbao exercise web

06 Feb 2024

Consulting program elevates Bilbao’s maritime preparedness

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