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Oil skimming systems

Oil skimming systems are designed to recover oil and other floating liquids from water. They typically consist of a mechanism that floats on the surface of the liquid and collects the oil, which is then removed from the system. At Lamor, we have the expertise to choose the right technology and tailor a solution that meets the unique needs of your operation.

Oleophilic skimmers

Rock cleaner

Lamor Rock Cleaner 1300x870

Specially designed for use in rocky coastlines, ports, oil stations, ditches, roads, factories, airports and boats, the LRC features a small, hydraulically operated brush wheel to remove the oil from the rocks and separate it from the water.


Micromax skimmer

The MicroMax Skimmer is designed to separate oil from water and especially remove oil from tanks or pits.

Minimax 25

Minimax 25 in action

The Minimax 25 skimmer is a light-weight new generation modular oil skimming unit that is easily transported and assembled. The Minimax 25 is designed to recover oil from e.g. inland waters, rivers, and nearshore.


Multimax 1300x870

The Lamor LAM Multimax is a brush chain-type free-floating oil skimmer designed to recover oil in fast-flowing rivers, oil ponds, harbors or as an advancing side sweep skimming system.

Bucket Skimmer

Lamor Oil Recovery bucket1300x870

The Lamor Oil Recovery Bucket (LRB) system is ideal for pit cleaning and oil recovery operations on land, offshore and in Arctic conditions. The LRB is a light bucket skimmer that is based on the proven Lamor stiff- brush wheel technology and it automatically separates oils, emulsions and oily debris from seawater or soils.

Multi Skimmers

Weir skimmer

The Lamor Multi Skimmer (LMS) product range is a versatile, flexible and high capacity technology suitable for a variety of different oil spill recovery scenarios. It is designed to recover oil from all environments e.g. inland waters, rivers, harbors, shoreline, offshore - even Arctic conditions are doable with a heating coil.

Brush and Disc adapters

Lamor Brush and skimmer adapters 1300x870

The Lamor Brush Adapters (LBA) are brush-wheel oil recovery modules designed to fit quickly and easily onto the hopper of the Lamor Weir Skimmers.

Offshore Free Floating Skimmer

Lamor free floating skimmer LFF 1300x870

The Lamor offshore free floating (LFF) Skimmer is a high capacity brush chain skimmer designed to recover oil in offshore operations.

Arctic Skimmer

Lamor arctic skimmer 1300x870

The Arctic Skimmer is a special purpose oil recovery system designed for operations in extremely harsh conditions.

Weir skimmers

Manta ray

Lamor Manta Ray Skimmer 1300x870

The Rigid Manta Ray is a special weir suction head designed for rapid response oil recovery. This lightweight weir skimmer is suitable for recovery of a wide variety of oils.

Weir Skimmer LWS

Weir skimmer in water

The light-weight and self-adjusting LWS skimming systems are user-friendly oil recovery skimming units. The skimmers have high recovery capacity in all operating conditions and utilize the most commonly used skimming principles.

Vessel-mounted Skimmers

Bow collector

Lamor bow collector 1300x870

The Lamor Bow Collector is a stiff brush conveyor belt unit that effectively recovers oil and debris. The LBC recovers oils of all types and viscosities and can operate in choppy sea conditions without disrupted performance and its brush conveyor automatically separates and recovers oils, emulsions, and oily debris from the water.

Side collectors

Lamor side collector 1300x870

Lamor Side Collectors (LSC) are advanced vessel mounted skimming systems. These systems are designed to be used either with new fleet or used in existing vessel fleet and in that way enhancing Oil Spill Response capabilities.

Inbuilt system

Coastguard inbuilt system LORS 2

The Lamor Oil Recovery System (LORS) is a vessel mounted advancing skimming system that is based on Lamor’s proven conveyor chain brush technology. The system is designed for small workboats and tugs (7 – 15 m / 23 – 49 ft) up to medium and big vessels (15 – 85m / 49 – 278 ft) providing the highest possible performance and safety for oil spill recovery operations.

Stiff Sweep Arm

Lamor stiff sweep arm 1300x870

The Lamor Stiff Sweeping Arm can be incorporated with both the proven stiff brush oil recovery technology and optionally also weir skimmer as exchangeable modules. The design offers high performance and safety for offshore oil spill recovery operations.


Sternmax in action

The groundbreaking, patented, Sternmax products are high-capacity advancing Arctic skimmers designed to separate oil from the drifting ice with a high recovery rate.

High-speed sweeper MOS systems

High-speed sweeper MOS systems

MOS system on sea

The Lamor Offshore Sweeper system, MOS, is an innovative, vessel mounted oil spill recovery system that comes in sweeping widths ranging from 15 to 50 meters.



Lamor power pack

Lamor offers versatile power pack solutions with small, light-weight hydraulic power packs or high capacity multipurpose power packs to suit your needs.

Storage reels

Lamor boom reel 1300x860

Lamor storage reels come in different sizes depending on your needs.

Hose reels

Lamor umbilical hose reel 1300x870

Lamor hose reels come in two types. The Umbilical Hose Reel Telescopics are advanced and robust hose reels designed for the Lamor Umbilical Hose (LUH) with an integrated telescopic lifting arm for deployment, operational use and retrieval of Lamor offshore skimmers with umbilical hoses.