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The groundbreaking, patented, Sternmax products are high-capacity advancing Arctic skimmers designed to separate oil from the drifting ice with a high recovery rate. The brush wheel skimmer system has two oil transfer GTA pumps and an ice and oil separating grate that collects oil with excellent ice handling capabilities in harsh Arctic climatic conditions.

“The Sternmax is a uniquely design and patented specialized oil recovery system that is firmly mounted on the stern of cold water traveling vessels, especially in arctic conditions with ice. It can press through ice and penetrate into the oil trapped underneath to free it for highly effective recovery”

How it works

As the vessel with icebreaking capabilities crushes the ice, the Sternmax is deployed from the rear of the vessel. The isolation grate pushes the large pieces of drifting crushed ice under the water, separating the oil and water from the ice. The grate can be lifted and tilted to remove ice and debris. The oil is collected by the brush skimmer that separates the oil from the water and transfers the oil into a hopper equipped with two GTA pumps. The Sternmax is supported by an A-frame that deploys the skimmer off the stern of the vessel from its storage cradle. It is a robust and durable vessel mounted, hydraulically driven system that utilizes Lamor’s proven technology to enable successful Arctic oil spill response operations.


  • Excellent crushed and drifting ice handling capabilities
  • Ice, water and oil separation
  • Storage cradle for easy maintenance, cleaning and de-icing

Scenarios of use

  • Solid and broken ice
  • Arctic and Anarctic shipping channels
  • Cold weather areas
  • Harbors with ice
  • Extreme conditions

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Technical SpecificationsSternmax 10Sternmax 20Sternmax 28
Item ID


Length (isolation grate)4369 mm / 14.3 ft6500 mm / 21.3 ft9000 mm / 354 in
Width (isolation grate)1900 mm / 6.2 ft1900 mm / 6.2 ft2400 mm / 94 in
Height794 mm / 2.6 ft810 mm / 2.7 ft1060 mm / 42 in
Weight (system)2050 mm / 6.7 ft23 tonnes / 50,000 lbs32 tonnes / 35 tons

> 50 m³/h / 13,200 gpm

100 m³/h / 26,400 gpm230 m³/h / 1013 gpm
Hydraulic Flow160 l/min / 42.2 gpm180 l/min / 47.6 gpm240 l/min / 63 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure210 bar / 3,047 PSI250 bar / 3,626 PSI210 bar / 3045 PSI
Power56 kW / 75 hp110 kW / 150 hp110 kW / 148 hp
Operational reachdepending on crane used4,5 m / 14,8 ft7 m / 23 ft
Oil transfer pumpsN/A2xGTA 50 / 2xGTA 502xGTA 115 / 2xGTA 115

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