Boom washing machine 1300x870

Boom washing machines

Boom washing machines

The Lamor Over the Side Boom Washing Machine (BWM-OTS) represents a logical development of the successful Lamor boom washing machine. The BWM-OTS has been designed and developed to meet the increasing customer demands for equipment that will enable boom cleaning without the need for boom retrieval. For large harbors and refineries with permanent boom deployments, the Lamor BWM-OTS offers the most convenient solution to boom washing without having to lift boom from the water.

“Cleaning marine growth from containment booms is tedious and back breaking work, well not anymore with Lamor Boom Washing Machine! Check out the video!”

How it works

The Lamor BWM-OTS is mounted in a galvanized steel frame that can be fixed to the side of a suitable workboat or barge. Each brush wheel is powered by a Danfoss motor which is provided with marine-grade anodized hydraulic fittings. The BWM-OTS can be used to clean boom up to a width of 400mm, height 2000mm and incorporates easily replaceable brush rings. The BWM-OTS employs Lamor stiff brush technology in the form of 2 Ø 500mm stiff brush wheels for effective boom cleaning. The inner brush remains fixed while the outer brush is deployed by a hydraulic ram out and over the boom. Once the outer brush has cleared the boom it is positioned by the ram and cantilever in the water parallel to the fixed brush. The boom is now sandwiched between the two brush wheels and ready for cleaning.


  • Effective boom cleaning
  • Mobile design

Scenarios of use

  • Inland Waterways
  • Coastal
  • Port
  • Harbor & Terminals

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Technical Specifications
Length1270 mm / 50
Width550 mm / 22 in
Height2505 mm / 99
Weight520 kg / 1146
Cleaning speed5-10 m/min /
16-32 ft/min
Power requirement30-45 kW /
40-60 hp
Working pressure150 bar / 2200
Hydraulic flow120 l/min / 32

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