Rapid boom recovery unit display

Rapid Boom Recovery Unit

Rapid boom recovery unit

The Rapid Boom Recovery Unit is an innovative ancillary device designed to recover foam filled oil boom (FOB) at a high recovery rate. The recovery unit utilizes a hydraulic-driven recovery system and pressurized guiding rails to recover deployed boom onto a vessel or a work platform.

How it works

Boom is fed through the guiding rails which apply horizontal pressure to hold the boom vertically in place. Water is drained from the boom as it is recovered. Two hydraulic motors work in unison to recover the boom through three directional rollers onto the work platform and are controlled by a one-directional lever allowing quick stop and go of the boom during recovery operations. The recovery unit is built to increase the efficiency of FOB recovery operations while maintaining safety. The system can be installed on any work platform as a removable system and its compact design means minimal storage space.

The rate of recovery is adjusted to the speed of the operation at hand by a hydraulic potentiometer allowing the boom to be quickly recovered onto the work platform or methodically straight onto a storage rack. Made from aluminum the lightweight frame is installed to the work platform.


  • Drain water from boom
  • Easy installation
  • Compact storage
  • Compact design, light weight
  • Robust and seawater resistant
  • Rapid FOB boom recovery
  • Easy to use controls
  • Stop and go recovery

Scenarios of use

  • Inland waterways
  • Coastal
  • Ports
  • Harbors & Terminals
  • Offshore

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Technical Specifications
Length1200 mm / 47 in
Width700 mm / 28 in
Height1600 mm / 63 in
Weight163 kg / 360 lbs
Hydraulic flow5-10 l/min / 1.3-2.6 gmp
70 bar / 1015 psi

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