Debris Boom 1300x870

Debris and others booms

Debris and Sargassum Boom

Lamor manufactures a wide range of debris and trash booms, each specifically designed to deflect or contain floating materials such as trash, debris, litter, logs, ice, seaweed, sargassum or invasive species. They are also used to protect water intake structures, preventing floating debris from clogging the intake screens and reducing the water flow into the cooling process of facilities.

Lamor Debris Booms are economical, dependable and long-lasting as they work to protect your assets!

How it works

Lamor has engineered hundreds of debris boom systems around the world protecting water intake structures and sensitive areas by either diverting debris, plastics, litter, sticks, leaves and or ice away or into collection areas.

The heavy-duty debris booms are each custom designed and engineered for specific purpose. Debris booms are based on Lamor’s proven history in oil spill containment and recovery. Debris Booms are made with either heavy-duty unique externally mounted floats bolted to conveyor belting material, or special heavy-duty fabric with internal foam floats and ASTM end connectors which allow multiple sections to be connected together.

Lamor Debris Booms can contain or deflect the following types of floating materials:

  • Litter, Trash and Debris
  • Plastic and Styrofoam
  • Logs, Sticks and Leaves
  • Tires and Toys
  • Sargassum and Aquatic Plants
  • Ice


  • Ideal for long-term permanent installations
  • Lamor designed and engineered
  • Extremely durable
  • Robust construction

Scenarios of use

  • Inland waterways
  • Coastal
  • Port, harbor & terminals
  • Arctic
  • Industrial

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Technical SpecificationsDebris Boom
Section Length15 m (50"), 30 m (100") & custom
Freeboard152 mm - 305 mm (6" - 12")
Draft305 - 915 mm (12" - 36")
Weight4.7-12.0 kg/m / 3.2-6.4 lbs/ft
Ballast chainGalvanized or SS Bars
End connectorASTM Z, Slide or SS Flat

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