Weir skimmer in water

Weir Skimmer

Lamor Weir Skimmer (LWS) systems

The light-weight and self-adjusting LWS skimming systems are user-friendly oil recovery skimming units. The skimmers have high recovery capacity in all operating conditions and utilize the most commonly used skimming principles. The skimmers are designed to provide many years of reliable service and are low maintenance. The high buoyancy-to-weight ratio and low inertial mass give the weir skimmers excellent sea-keeping features.

“The LWS skimmer shave been used on most oil spills around the world since the 1970s.”

How it works

The large diameter of the LWS’s with their free-floating weir provides excellent wave following characteristics. The products are designed to operate together with a suction or vacuum system or alternatively with an integrated Lamor GTA pump. The hopper and float arms are manufactured using marine grade aluminum and stainless steel with three polyethylene floats. Based on the skimmer configuration with e.g. suction, pump or brush adapter, the flotation level can be adjusted. It has a single central lifting point and is therefore easily deployed in various environments with minimal manpower


  • Modular skimmer (several pump options, thrusters and brushes)
  • Self-adjusting weir principle
  • Robust and durable aluminum construction

Scenarios of use

  • Off-shore
  • On-shore
  • Harbors
  • Lakes
  • Tanks
  • Pits

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    Technical SpecificationsWeir Skimmer SlurpWeir Skimmer 1300
    Item ID226211266680
    Length935 mm / 38 in2660 mm / 105 in
    Width622 mm / 24 in2214 mm / 87 in
    Height381 mm / 15 in2190 mm / 86 in
    Weight26 kg / 57 lbs420 kg / 926 lbs
    Draft254 mm / 10 in1420 mm / 56 in
    Capacity10m3/h / 44 gpm360 m3/h /1585 gpm
    Free water
    <30 %<30% 

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