Ultra shallow landing draft

LWO 14000 Ultra Shallow Draft OSRV

Shallow Drafts

The Shallow draft vessels are designed for safe oil spill recovery operations in coastal waters and open sea under adverse weather conditions. They also serve as workboats in other tasks and operations, as well as support for other vessels.

"Lamor´s shallow draft landing crafts are one of the most diversified and useful vessels out in the market today. They can be used everyday, doing most maritime tasks around terminals and in rivers and harbors, and always be ready to respond to emergency events, such as oil spills."

How it works

The LWO 14000 is a robust workboat based on the landing craft concept of high-grade marine aluminum with a hydraulic bow ramp. The landing craft is designed and tested for excellent and effortless sea handling and maneuverability in rough seas.

In the design, special focus has been paid to good course keeping and maneuverability and a high cargo capacity of 3000 kg. Special attention has further been paid to the safety and comfort onboard, keeping in mind the intended use as a vessel operating during an oil spill. As such the Shallow draft landing crafts can come equipped with a hydraulic bow ramp, six mooring bollards with a heavy duty towing post in the stern, four lifting points, and a wheelhouse in the aft of the vessel with easy access. The wheelhouse has excellent 360º visibility and two ergonomic seats at the helm. 

Depending on the model the vessels will be certified according to RMRS Standard KM R3 AUT2 (or optionally to other requested standards), or are CE certified and built according to Danish Maritime Administration, Notice F, Technical regulation on the construction, equipment, etc. of small commercial vessels, Trade Area F2 and EU Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU, annex I.A. Stability requirement to be fulfilled with 100% cargo of seawater in the open containers, and are to be registered for 2 persons.


  • High cargo capacity of up to 3000 kg
  • Versatile use cases
  • Open deck layout

Scenarios of use

  • Inland waterways

  • Coastal

  • Port, Harbor & terminals

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Technical SpecificationsModel
LWO 14000
Item ID


Length14400 mm / 45,2 ft
Weight1500 kg / 3306 lbs
Draft4000 mm / 13,1 ft
Carrying capacity3000 kg / 6616 lbs
Crew max.6 pers.

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