Water treatment reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis systems

The majority of our planet is water, but it isn’t fit for human consumption. Reverse osmosis systems can change this because it is one of the best methods for salt removal applications.

Lamor provides RO-systems for brackish- and seawater treatment. Our systems are capable of producing up to 1,000 cubic meters of potable water per hour. The unique pre-treatment technology minimizes clogging issues while advanced oxidation technologies open the possibility to produce potable water from varying water sources.

Lamor RO systems are always designed according to the inlet water specifications. In most cases the typical construction includes:

● Raw water pumping unit

● Heat exchange unit (if system is installed in arctic conditions)

● Antiscalant and pre-disinfection unit

● Prefiltration unit (automated filters, multimedia filter, ultrafiltration or combination of


● RO pressure pump unit including energy saving system

● RO modules in one phase or two phase

● Post treatment unit which depends on the quality requirements

Lamor’s RO solution is tailor-designed to fit the client’s needs and premises. Particularly in  retrofit plants and vessels, the footprint requirements can be demanding. In some cases, the  system needs to be transported through constricted areas. We can help design RO systems to match these challenging requirements.

Why Lamor?

Easy and flawless operation is one of our strengths, and the developed automation software and user interface guarantee a stress-free operation experience for the users. Our reverse osmosis systems can provide you with fresh water safely, efficiently, economically, and reliably.

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