Chemical treatment

Using chemicals to treat material streams

In most of our chemical waste treatment approaches, we either increase or decrease the amount of oxygen in the material streams, soil, or water, and through the addition of the chemicals we can stabilize or transform the waste materials being treated.

Chemical additives break down various chemical bonds and chains within wastes, allowing for their collection and subsequent removal. In some industrial processes, complex compounds are generated during the manufacturing process that need to be separated before treatment. By controlling the conditions, these complex compounds can be separated and removed by using chemistry before separation or filtration processes.

Why and when

In the past, chemical treatment of waste materials was often regarded as an unsustainable method of treatment. However, chemicals are used across many industries and there are significant differences between hazardous chemicals and environmentally friendly ones.

At Lamor, we can deploy a range of environmentally friendly chemicals in our treatment solutions to transform the waste materials being handled. Ultimately the chemical treatment of wastes can transform otherwise hazardous waste materials into natural elements, leaving no toxic or harmful by-products behind.

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