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The climate crisis is causing more frequent and extreme weather events worldwide. As a result, our customer in Brazil was finding it challenging to produce drinkable water from river sources, especially during the rainy season.


As a result of the climate crisis, extreme weather conditions are increasingly frequent around the world. Specifically in Latin-America, severe storms during the rainy season are more common than ever, posing significant challenges to traditional municipal infrastructure operations.

Our customer in Brazil found it challenging to produce potable water from river water during the rainy season. This is because heavy rainfall causes soil erosion. This in turn leads to a higher accumulation of solids in the river water, which impacts the treatment process.


Lamor has addressed this challenging issue by developing a solution and deploying an ultrafiltration rental unit for pretreating over 120,000 m3/month of potable water in Brazil.

Our ultrafiltration system is fully automated and integrated into a 40 ft HC container, producing 180 m3/hour and operating independently. Additionally, we’ve implemented our latest remote control and diagnostics approach into the setup, which includes sensor technology for precise process control and operation. This ensures a consistent and stable quality of the treated water.

“We are able to help our customer with their water crisis in securing potable water for the community and access to a reliable solution for their water treatment needs,” says Petri Vänskä, Head of water technologies of Lamor.


Without water there is no life. Consequently, access to clean water is a basic human right. When we prioritise the preservation of clean water sources, we also support biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of food production capabilities.

Lamor is making a positive impact by addressing water scarcity and promoting energy efficiency. In fact, our ultrafiltration system uses only one third of the energy required by conventional reverse osmosis technology. Needless to say, this makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including industrial process and wastewater treatment.

We distribute our products and solutions on a global scale through both our own sales force and distributors. This allows us to expand our global reference base, while reaching customers all over the world.

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