Permanent fence boom MK 8 1300x860

Permanent fence boom

Permanent Fence Boom (PFB)

The Permanent Fence Boom Mk 8 is a heavy-duty solid float boom that is designed specifically for permanent installations in e.g. ports, harbors and water inlets. The MK 8 boom’s strength, high freeboard, and reserve buoyancy flotation make it effective under harsh conditions.

The Mk 8 Permanent Boom is designed and engineered for permanent installations along fueling piers for easy pre-booming operations.

How it works

Lamor has engineered hundreds of Mk 8 permanent boom installations around the world.

A typical installation may include a Bulkhead Riser and Track (link to photo or tech specs), which connects the Mk 8 boom to the shorelines’ vertical wall, a Cable Weight and Strongback (link to photo or tech specs), which connects the Mk 8 boom to cable along the pier that allows the boom rise and fall with changing water levels, a Piling Tether (link to photo or tech specs), which connects the Mk 8 boom to various size pilings securing the boom with the pier structure along with other similar components.

The Mk 8 is manufactured from strong PVC or Urethane coated belting fabric together with durable polyethylene floats. The Mk 8 floats are made with an exclusive, unique extruding and molding process only available through Lamor.

The Lamor float is a solid molded closed-cell polyethylene foam that is high temperature pressed to form the outer skin incorporating a unique splash guard and lift handle. The booms and floats have marine growth inhibitors and UV resistance. The boom is equipped with galvanized steel ballast weights to keep the skirt vertical in the water column. The boom sections are supplied with ASTM Z or Slide type connectors, made in accordance with the ASTM F962 standard.
The Mk 8 oil containment and protection boom is durable and can withstand the impacts of heavy debris and ice concentrations. The Mk 8 has a long service life and can typically last 7 to 10 years or more with proper maintenance.

Contact our experts to assist you in designing the proper permanent boom system.


  • Ideal for long-term permanent installations
  • Lamor designed & engineered
  • Extremely durable
  • Robust construction

Scenarios of use

  • Inland waterways
  • Coastal
  • Port, harbor & terminals
  • Arctic
  • Industrial

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Technical Specifications
Height460-910 mm /
18-36 in
Section length15-30 m /
50-100 ft
Freeboard205-256 mm /
8-10 in
Draft255-660 mm /
10-26 in
Weight6.9-8.3 kg/m /
4.6-5.3 lbs/ft
Fabric Weight5925 g/m² /
175 oz/yd²
Tensile strength133.400 N/5 cm
/29.430 lbf/2 in
End connectorASTM Z / Slide

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