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How to begin effective material recycling

Both in natural environments and industrial situations, waste materials are often mixed and require some form of pre-treatment to enable valuable resources to be recovered and reused. Ideally waste materials that are separated at source would provide the answer to the most effective material recycling opportunities.

However, where waste materials remain mixed, then Lamor would use various techniques to effect waste material size reduction, separation and filtration in order to achieve optimum material recycling. In many mixed waste streams, particle size reduction via shredders enables the separation of different materials using various technologies, such as flotation, magnets, gravity, and colour-based sorting. 

Lamor works closely with its customers to initiate the material recycling process and can undertake waste characterisation and classification studies to determine optimal treatment solutions.

Why and when 

Waste material size reduction serve as a crucial preliminary step in the waste management treatment processes. This technique is applicable across a wide range of waste materials and industry market segments, from industrial, commercial and municipal waste generating industries. Size reduction techniques aim to capture and separate waste material impurities and helps in the further downstream treatment and/or processing of waste materials for recycling.

Reducing the size and composition of waste materials will also aid and support any subsequent transportation requirements and allow for efficiencies in payloads and volumes being moved between facilities, all reducing customers carbon footprints.

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