Lamor Oil containment boom1440x1440

Oil containment booms

Oil containment booms are floating barriers used to contain and control oil spills in oceans, rivers, and lakes. They are designed to prevent oil from spreading and to guide the oil towards collection points for cleanup. Oil containment booms are important equipment in responding to oil spills and can help to minimise the environmental impacts. At Lamor we have the expertise to choose the right technology and tailor a solution that meets the unique needs of our organisation.

Oil containment booms for every spill scenario

Containment booms are usually constructed with durable materials such as PVC, neoprene, or polyurethane and filled with foam or air to provide buoyancy. They come in different lengths and can be connected to form longer barriers

Harbo rapid response boom

Harbo Boom Boat

Oil spills become major disasters when there’s nothing on-site to stop oil from spreading. Don’t wait for oil spill responders to arrive; improve your oil spill response reaction time with our rapid response boom technology.

Beach sealing boom

Beach boom 2

The Beach Sealing Oil Boom is specifically designed for shoreline protection where water meets land and in tidal areas. The unique features of the BSB boom are that it has two water chambers that act as ballast which seals the boom to the shoreline and an air chamber for flotation.

Solid flotation boom

Solid Flotation Boom SFB 1300x867

The Solid Flotation Boom is designed for rapid response of oil containment. This lightweight, deployable containment boom has high buoyancy to weight ratio and is suitable for a wide range of environmental scenarios including fast water rivers, harbors and even offshore.

Inflatable light boom

Inflatable light boom LIB 1300x860

The Inflatable Light Oil Boom is a lightweight and durable air-inflated boom that covers the increasing demand for harbors, nearshore and offshore oil containment boom configurations, and is mainly deployed for pre-booming and emergency oil spill operations.

Foam filled oil boom

FOB Boom Deployment 1300x860

The Foam Filled Oil Boom (FOB) is a solid light-weight internal foam float containment boom that is easy to use, deploy, retrieve and store. The boom is ideal for emergency rapid response use in a variety of sea conditions. The boom can be used in lakes, harbors, marinas, ports, power plants and refineries.

Permanent fence boom

Permanent fence boom MK 8 1300x860

The Permanent Fence Boom Mk 8 is a heavy-duty solid float boom that is designed specifically for permanent installations in e.g. ports, harbors and water inlets. The MK 8 boom’s strength, high freeboard, and reserve buoyancy flotation make it effective under harsh conditions.

Heavy duty boom

Heavy duty boom HDB 1300x860

The Heavy Duty Boom is a robust and durable air-inflated boom that covers the increasing demand for offshore operations and for permanent installations at e.g. exposed ports, oil terminals, refineries and power plants. Moreover, the HDB can be utilized in all climatic conditions and environments, including Arctic scenarios.

Auto boom

Lamor Auto Boom LAB 1300x860

The Lamor Auto Boom is a flexible and durable single-point air-inflated boom making it suitable for rapid emergency oil containment operations in harbors, ports and offshore.

Baffle systems

Baffle boom 1

A floating lagoon baffle is designed and installed to control and/or direct the flow of water in a lagoon, settling basin or other body of quiescent water. A baffle can also be used to divide the basin into cells, thereby preventing short circuiting and assuring progressive treatment of the water.

Debris and others booms

Debris Boom 1300x870

Lamor manufactures a wide range of debris and trash booms, each specifically designed to deflect or contain floating materials such as trash, debris, litter, logs, ice, seaweed, sargassum or invasive species. They are also used to protect water intake structures, preventing floating debris from clogging the intake screens and reducing the water flow into the cooling process of facilities.

Boom Accessories

Rapid boom recovery unit

Rapid deployment boom pack 1300x867

The Rapid Boom Recovery Unit is an innovative ancillary device designed to recover foam filled oil boom (FOB) at a high recovery rate. The recovery unit utilizes a hydraulic-driven recovery system and pressurized guiding rails to recover deployed boom onto a vessel or a work platform.

Boom washing machines

Boom washing machine 1300x870

The Lamor Over the Side Boom Washing Machine (BWM-OTS) represents a logical development of the successful Lamor boom washing machine. The BWM-OTS has been designed and developed to meet the increasing customer demands for equipment that will enable boom cleaning without the need for boom retrieval.

Air blowers

Air blower backpack 1300x870

The Backpack Air Blower LBP 350 is a gasoline-driven backpack air blower suitable for inflating light and heavy inflatable oil containment booms. The LBP 350 is a lightweight air blower that is ergonomically designed for increased versatility and mobility during operation.


Lamor power pack

Lamor offers versatile power pack solutions with small, light-weight hydraulic power packs or high capacity multipurpose power packs to suit your needs.