Inflatable light boom LIB 1300x860

Inflatable light oil boom

Inflatable Light Oil Boom (ILB)

The Inflatable Light Oil Boom is a lightweight and durable air-inflated boom that covers the increasing demand for harbors, nearshore and offshore oil containment boom configurations, and is mainly deployed for pre-booming and emergency oil spill operations. Due to its flexibility and rapid deployment, the ILB has been utilized in multiple oil spill containment operations worldwide.

The Lamor Light Inflatable Oil Boom is extremely flexible and easy to handle when being deployed and recovered from its Boom Reel.

How it works

The Inflatable Light Oil Boom is commonly stored and deployed from a Boom Reel. Depending upon the size, typically each Boom Reel will store 250m (10 - 25m section lengths) of boom. As the boom is being deployed, the operator opens the valve by unscrewing the cap and filling the chamber with air. Once the chamber is full the operator will twist lock the air valve and screw the cap back on.

Once the ILB Boom is fully deployed it can be towed into several different types of response tactics such as a J or U sweeping configurations.

The ILB is manufactured in high visibility PVC-PU coated polyester fabric. The boom has separate air chambers that are fitted with Monsun XG 1 air valves. The boom is supplied with marine grade aluminum ASTM End Connectors in accordance with the F962 standard. The ballast chain is a hot-dip galvanized steel chain that provides the necessary strength for stable deployment in sweeping operations and provides excellent sea keeping properties.


  • Very flexible
  • Widely used Monsun air valves for easy air-inflation
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve from boom reel
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean

Scenarios of use

  • Coastal
  • Port, harbor & terminals
  • Offshore

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Technical Specifications
Height650-1650 mm /
26-65 in
Section length25 m / 82 ft
Freeboard230-600 mm /
9.1-23.6 in
Draft270-900 mm /
10.6-35.4 in
Weight3.0-8.4 kg/m /
2.0-5.6 lbs/f
Ballast chain DIN
10 or 13 mm /
3/8 or 1/2 in
Coating / Base
PVC/PU, 1100
dtex polyester
Tensile strength4000 N/5cm
/913 lbf/2 in
End connectorASTM Z, F962
as standard

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