Water treatment legionella removal facility

Peroxide treatment

Peroxide treatment involves the use of hydrogen peroxide for various purposes, including wastewater treatment and environmental remediation. Its strong oxidizing properties make it a valuable tool for removing pollutants and mitigating environmental impacts.

Legionella removal

Legionnaires’ disease is a biological health risk caused by legionella bacteria. The bacteria will cause a severe respiratory infection if the contaminated water is vaporized and inhaled. The disease can be fatal and occurs in a variety of climates all over the world.

Legionella is a common problem in heated pipelines and in cooling circuits. The bacteria thrive in warm water and might be found in cooling towers, industrial processes, cruise liners and in water distribution pipelines.

Lamor has developed an environmentally friendly water treatment solution for legionella removal. The system is based in effective batch peroxide treatment and then controlling the legionella population in the system. Peroxide has a successful history of being used to remove legionella, and in recent years several new scientific studies have confirmed its efficacy.

Lamor's unique legionella system service consists of:

● Specialist overview of the client´s situation

● Evaluation of the needed actions and required systems

● High-tech automation system to dose peroxide as a batch treatment

● Automated dosing system to maintain the legionella population at the desired level

● Legionella risk assessment report for future operations

H2S removal

Lamor has developed a unique peroxide solution which treats H2S while it’s still in the water phase. Most of the competing solutions only treat the gaseous phase of H2S, which won’t remove the corrosive effect. With Lamor’s solution we have been able to eliminate concentrations of up to 400 ppm cost effectively and create working conditions in the most demanding areas, such as inside a raw sludge tank in Saudi Arabia. Toxic gases are present in various industries and processes. Toxic gases are not only harmful to people but also to processes, infrastructure and equipment. The best known toxic gas in the wastewater sector is hydrogen sulfide H2S, which has an odor threshold in humans of less than 0.1 ppm. Concentrations above 100 ppm are highly corrosive and immediately lethal.

Lamor H2S removal system consists of:

● System design for the site conditions

● Measurement system for H2S and water quality monitoring

● High tech automation for dosing optimization

● Dosing system for chemical dosing

● Dosing station for chemical storing

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