Autoboom neoprene

Auto boom

Lamor Auto Boom (LAB)

The Lamor Auto Boom is a flexible and durable single-point air-inflated boom making it suitable for rapid emergency oil containment operations in harbors, ports and offshore. The LAB is manufactured in high visibility Polyurethane or heavy-duty Neoprene fabric.

When time is critical. The Auto Boom is uniquely designed as a single point inflation boom for rapid response in harbors, ports and offshore applications.

How it works

The Lamor Auto Boom has been developed to provide a safe, quick and efficient means of oil containment. The unique design makes it possible to store up to 500m on one compact storage reel. As the boom is deployed from the storage reel it is automatically inflated from a single air source attached to the end of the boom.

Single-Point boom inflation is accomplished by attaching an air blower to one end of a length of boom. Once air is pumped into the boom each isolated air chamber inflates continuously through a jumper hose which allows air to pass from section to another at each connector, thus allowing inflation of multiple sections of boom from a single air source.

The LAB boom has individual air buoyancy chambers; therefore in the event that one air chamber becomes deflated, the adjacent chambers will not be affected and will remain inflated. A layer of closed-cell foam provides additional floatation for positive reserve buoyancy.
Air-inflation is done from the outer end of the boom through an inflation valve and each air chamber is fitted with individual Monsun valves. A galvanized chain along the bottom of the skirt and standard ASTM End Connectors are provided.


  • Single point air inflation for rapid response
  • Store up to 500m per reel
  • Low maintenance

Scenarios of use

  • Inland waterways
  • Coastal
  • Port, harbor & terminals
  • Arctic
  • Offshore

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    Technical Specifications

    Autoboom Neoprene

    Autoboom Polyurethane
    Height (deflated)970-2000 mm / 38-79 in550-1820 mm / 22-60 in
    Height (inflated)800-1580 mm / 31-62 in550-1820 mm / 22-60 in
    Section length29 m / 95 ft30 m / 100 ft
    Freeboard300-570 mm / 12-22 in200-610 mm / 6-24 in
    Draft500-1010 mm / 20-40 in350-910 mm / 14-36 in
    Weight4.7-12.0 kg/m / 3.2-6.4 lbs/ft3.3-7.3 kg/m / 2.2-4.9 lbs/ft
    Ballast chain DIN
    10 / 13 mm / 3/8 / 1/2 in10/13 mm / 3/8 / 1/2 in
    Coating / Base
    PA 1880 dTex, NeoprenePoly-Urethane coated polyester
    Air valveMunsonMunson
    0.12 bar / 1.8 psi0.12 bar / 1.8 psi
    End connectorASTM Z, F962 as standardASTM Z, F962 as standard


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