Oily water treatment

DAF flotation technologies

Climate change and drought is forcing industries to reconsider their water usage and the tightened ESG-parameters guide the development towards water reuse.

With our process know-how and technologies the oily water stream can be treated to meet the reuse water parameters and can be used for irrigation purposes.

Lamor solution consists of:

● Process design

● The use of heat or surfactants to speed up the natural separation

● Lamor skimmers for removing floating oil

● Chemical treatments for pH adjustment, heavy metal removal, phenol oxidation, etc.

● Lamor OWT - Flotation system for removing remaining oil

● Activated carbon filtration system for removing remaining heavy metals and hydrocarbons

● Sludge handling and disposal

Why lamor?

Our solutions to treat oily water include tailor-designed processes, equipment selections and integration of fully automated systems. With the know-how we have accumulated during decades of work, we are able to design the most efficient and automated processes to fit your needs.

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