Emergency response


Lamor’s portfolio of vessels range from boom towing boats to ice-class oil recovery vessels. One of the latest additions are the very popular multi-purpose shallow draft vessels designed for safe oil spill recovery operations in coastal waters as well as open sea under adverse weather conditions. Dedicated oil recovery vessels designed and manufactured by Lamor are in operation worldwide, e.g., in the Arctic Pechora Sea or the Caribbean.

Unique multi-purpose vessels

Various sized vessels designed to be used for multiple tasks for day to day operations in every environment from tropical rivers to extreme offshore arctic conditions.

Shallow Drafts

Ultra shallow landing draft

The Ultra Shallow draft vessels are designed for safe oil spill recovery operations in coastal waters and open sea under adverse weather conditions. These unique vessels have been used in the very shallow waters of the North Caspian sea, as well as protecting world heritage sites in the Sundarbans in the rivers of Mongla, Bangladesh.

Landing Crafts

Landing crafts basic

The landing crafts are designed and tested for excellent and effortless sea handling and maneuverability in rough seas. The V-shaped hull, keel, and stringers give stability and protection when landing on rocky shores.


Lamor inbuilt system workboat

Lamor´s workboats are designed to be a high-value investment that can be used on a daily basis for a variety of operational tasks.

Customized Vessels

LSLC 9300 2

Lamors customized vessels are tailor-made for your needs. With over 40+ years of experience in the oil spill response industry Lamor´s veteran engineers are true experts within the field, having built hundreds of specialized vessels for all climate and environmental conditions.

Boom Towing Boats

Boom towing boat basicjpg

Our boom towing boats are robust, made out of high-grade marine aluminum with a single level work deck and walk around a fully enclosed wheelhouse with special focus on safe navigation and low noise levels. They are also equipped with a towing post with a releasable towing hook on the aft deck as well as four lifting points.