Lamor side collector 1300x870

Side collectors

Lamor Side Collectors (LSC)

Lamor Side Collectors (LSC) are advanced vessel mounted skimming systems. These systems are designed to be used either with new fleet or used in existing vessel fleet and in that way enhancing Oil Spill Response capabilities. The product range includes several systems for different uses and sizes of vessels: the Side Cassette Oil Recovery System is designed for offshore use in medium to large size vessels, where as Minibagger and MaxiBagger have versatile scenarios of use in both small as well large vessels.

“The LSC systems can be easily installed and deployed from most vessels, form tugs, offshore supply vessels, emergency responders, vessels of opportunity, fishing vessels, and many more”

How it works

As they are named, side collectors are mounted on the side of vessels or boats. They are through the vessel or boat being driven and the sweeping arm collecting oily water at the same time. Thanks to the proven Lamor technology, these systems minimize the amount of water in the collected oil.


  • Rapid deployment
  • Flexible fitting to new-build or existing vessels
  • User friendly with small crew

Scenarios of use

  • offshore on supply vessel
  • Onshore on various size tugs, fishing vessels, emergency and rescue
  • Ports
  • Barges
  • Vessels of opportunity

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Technical Specifications
Item ID651308 / 400764
Length1800 mm
Width1450 mm
Height3300 mm
Weight90-145 kg
Light Oil Capacity25 m3/h
Heavy Oil Capacity38 m3/h
Hydraulic Flow15l/m
Hydraulic pressure130 bar
Power3.3 kW
Specifications according to chains2 Chains3 Chains4 Chains5 Chains
Length1500 mm1500-2000 mm1800-2300 mm3000-3500 mm
Width500 mm835 mm1000 mm1400 mm
Height1700 mm1700 mm1900 mm2800-3500 mm
Weight min350 kg350 kg450 kg850 kg
Design Capacity40 m3/h60 m3/h80 m3/h100 m3/h
Nameplate capacity82 m3/h123 m3/h164 m3/h205 m3/h
Recovery speed1 - 4 knots1 - 4 knots1 - 4 knots1 - 4 knots
Hydraulic flow (skimmer only)10-19 l/min10-19 l/min10-19 l/min10-19 l/min
Hydraulic pressure100-200 bar100-200 bar150-200 bar150-200 bar
Power Requirement2.5 kW4 kW3 kW7.5 kW
Hydraulic conn. for skimmerTEMA 3800TEMA 3800TEMA 3800TEMA 3800
Suitable pumpsGTA 20-70,
MSP 100
GTA 20-70,
MSP 100
GTA 50-140,
MSP 150
GTA 50-140,
MSP 150

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