Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts

The Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts, LSLC 9300 and LSLC 7400, are designed for safe oil spill recovery operations in coastal waters and open sea under adverse weather conditions. They also serve as workboats in other tasks and operations, as well as support for other vessels. In the design, special focus has been paid to good seaworthiness, good course keeping and maneuverability and high cargo capacity. Special attention has further been paid to the safety and comfort onboard, keeping in mind the intended use as a vessel operating during an oil spill. The Vessel is a single hull construction with two diesel engines and two stern drive propulsion units. The hull and the wheelhouse are made from the marine-grade aluminum. The engine department is located in the aft part. The vessel is built according to Danish Maritime Administration, Notice F, Technical regulation on the construction, equipment, etc. of small commercial vessels, Trade Area F2 and EU Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU, annex I.A. Stability requirement to be fulfilled with 100% cargo of seawater in the open containers.

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