Side Cassette Oil Recovery System

The Lamor Side Cassette Oil Recovery System LSC is a vessel mounted advancing skimming system for medium to large size vessels. Its design is based on the proven stiff brush oil recovery technology that offers high performance and safety for offshore oil spill recovery operations. The LSC is supplied with an outrigger arm and sweeping boom that deflect oil and debris from a wide area into its side box for processing. The remarkable oil recovery rate of < 5 % water intake is achieved at vessel speeds of up to 4 knots. The LSC can be operated by a small crew. The unique side collector design processes surface water and oil to the brush system for recovery while water pressure is released from the rear bottom of the cartridge. The LSC is a chain brush conveyor oil recovery system that is very effective when recovering high viscosity oils, emulsions, and tarballs. It can also be deployed when large amounts of floating debris are present. The recovery capacity has been certified by Bureau Veritas and tested by e.g. the Swedish Coast Guard. The technical specifications vary on the size of the Side Cassette System and vessel, please see the Downloadables-section for a more thorough overview of the System as well as some examples of the Cassettes, or contact your nearest sales representative for more information.

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1500 mm
1500-2000 mm
1800-2300 mm
3000-3500 mm
500 mm
835 mm
1000 mm
1400 mm
1700 mm
1700 mm
1900 mm
2800-3500 mm
Weight min
350 kg
350 kg
450 kg
850 kg
Design Capacity
40 m3/h
60 m3/h
80 m3/h
100 m3/h
Nameplate capacity
82 m3/h
123 m3/h
164 m3/h
205 m3/h
Recovery speed
1 - 4 knots
1 - 4 knots
1 - 4 knots
1 - 4 knots
Hydraulic flow (skimmer only)
10-19 l/min
10-19 l/min
10-19 l/min
10-19 l/min
Hydraulic pressure
100-200 bar
100-200 bar
150-200 bar
150-200 bar
Power Requirement
2.5 kW
4 kW
3 kW
7.5 kW
Hydraulic conn. for skimmer
TEMA 3800
TEMA 3800
TEMA 3800
TEMA 3800
Suitable pumps
GTA 20-70, MSP 100
GTA 20-70, MSP 100
GTA 50-140, MSP 150
GTA 50-140, MSP 150
Special Features

Rapid deployment

High recovery speed at 4 kn

Flexible fitting to new-build or existing vessels

Low free water content in collected oil

All oil types from light to heavy viscous

Excellent performance in adverse weather conditions

User friendly with small crew

User friendly

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