Permanent Fence Boom MK 8

The Permanent Fence Boom Mk 8 is a heavy-duty solid float boom that is designed specifically for permanent installations in e.g. harbors and water inlets. The MK 8 boom’s strength, high freeboard, and reserve buoyancy floatation make it effective under harsh conditions. The Mk 8 is manufactured from strong PVC coated belting fabric together with durable polyethylene floats. The floats are made from solid molded closed-cell polyethylene foam that is high temperature pressed to form the outer skin incorporating a unique splash guard handle. The booms have marine growth inhibitors and are UV resistant. The boom is equipped with galvanized steel ballast weights. The boom sections are supplied with ASTM Z or Slide type connectors, made in accordance with the ASTM F962 standard. The Mk 8 oil containment and protection boom is durable and can withstand the impacts of heavy debris concentrations and has a long service life for detailed product information please find PDF-copies of product specification sheets under the Downloadables-section.

Technical Specifications
460-910 mm / 18-36 in
Section length
15-30 m / 50-100 ft
205-256 mm / 8-10 in
255-660 mm / 10-26 in
6.9-8.3 kg/m / 4.6-5.3 lbs/ft
Buoyancy/weight ratio
Fabric Weight
5925 g/m² / 175 oz/yd²
Tensile strength
133.400 N/5 cm /29.430 lbf/2 in
End connector
ASTM Z / Slide
Special Features

Heavy duty permanent boom

UV and algae resistant

PVC coated polyester belt

Lead ballast weights

ASTM or slide end connectors

Ideal for long-term installations

Easy maintenance

Long service life

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