Oil Transfer Pump MSP 150

The oil transfer pump MSP 150 is a high capacity unit that has been designed for efficient handling of viscous liquids, bulk solids, and shear-sensitive liquids. The MSP 150 is ideal for oil recovery equipment e.g. offshore skimmers and for offloading holding tanks etc. It is suitable for operation in hazardous areas. The MSP 150 centrifugal screw pump is driven by a built-on axial hydraulic motor that provides powerful suction and high discharge pressure. The Hidrostal design of the stainless steel centrifugal screw combines the properties of the screw pump with those of the centrifugal pump, which enhances the handling of medium to high viscosity liquids while limiting the effects of emulsification or clogging.

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Technical Specifications
Item ID
490 mm / 19 in
490 mm / 19 in
610 mm / 24 in
83 kg / 183 lbs
350 m³/h* / 1541 gpm*
Hydraulic pressure
300 bar / 4351 psi
Discharge pressure
6 bar / 87 psi
65 kW / 87 hp
Special Features

High capacity

Viscous oils and bulky solid handling

Combines the benefits of a screw pump and centrifugal pump

Suitable in hazardous areas

Reduced emulsification and clogging

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