LSC MiniBagger

The LSC W/MiniBagger is a flexible and cost-efficient way of improving oil spill recovery in harbors, rivers, canals and other shallow or narrow water areas. With the MiniBagger you can collect even diesel from the water with any vessel. The detachable MiniBagger side collectors can be installed to boats as small as 5 meters in length. It is designed to be used with almost any boat where an attachment can be fitted and can thus turn even a small boat into an oil recovery vessel.MiniBagger is unique in its capability of collecting also light oils from the water efficiently. This is made possible by the brush design and the unique, patented Lamor oil scraper. The unit consists of a detachable side unit, winch for lifting and lowering, brush case/basin, brush drum and float arm to be lowered onto the water surface. The robust aluminum sweep arm with a supporting wheel at its end makes it possible to drive along the quay wall or side of a ship. The OPTIONAL oil bagging system replaces the need for a fixed tank. The LSC W/MiniBagger is stored onshore and it only takes 1 m² (11 ft2) of storage space. In case of an oil spill, the MiniBagger can be deployed very quickly. The heaviest part of the system weighs 74 kg (163 lbs) and installation can be done by two people without a need of special tools or a crane. The whole skimmer unit consists of one part only. Combined sweeping arm-skimmer-unit is installed to the side of the boat (one or both). Additionally are only needed OPTIONAL Power unit and Oil Bagging system frame. Hydraulic and oil transfer hoses for all elements are offered to fit the best way for each workboat. Attachment parts (ID 400766) needs to be added to each delivery and will be tailor-made to fit the boat. The specification in the table below is for a single side system.

Technical Specifications
Star board / Port side
Item ID
400761 / 400670
Sweeping width
2.5 m
Total dry weight
106 kg
Capacity – Heavy oil
10 m3/h
Capacity – Light oil
6 m3/h
Recovery Speed
0.5-1.5 m/s / 1-3 kn
Hydraulic Flow (skimmer)
Hydraulic pressure
70 bar
Power requirement
1 kW
Special Features

Brush/skimmer unit with aluminum sweep arm, 76 kg (167.5 lbs)

Tailor made attachment parts ca. 30 kg (ca. 65 lbs)

Manual winch for skimmer adjustment

Interchangeable scraper for light and heavy oils.

Removable debris screen

Brush temperature range -50…+160 °C (-58…+320 °F)

Hydraulic connectors AISI 316

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