Inflatable Light Boom

The Inflatable Light Oil Boom is a lightweight and durable air-inflated boom that covers the increasing demand for harbors, nearshore and offshore oil containment boom configurations, and is mainly deployed for emergency oil spills and protection. The ILB is manufactured in high visibility red PVC-PU coated woven dtex 1100 polyester fabric. The boom has separate 4.8 m (15.8 ft) long welded air chambers that are fitted with Monsun XG 1 air valves. The boom is supplied with ASTM Z connectors, made in accordance with the F962 standard at each end. The ballast chain is a hot-dip galvanized DIN 763 steel chain that gives strength, correct and stable deployment in sweeping operations and provides excellent sea keeping properties. The ballast chain is incorporated in the base of the skirt. Due to its flexibility and rapid deployment, the ILB has been utilized in multiple oil spill containment operations worldwide in e.g. U-sweep configurations.

Technical Specifications
650-1650 mm / 26-65 in
Section length
25 m / 82 ft
230-600 mm / 9.1-23.6 in
270-900 mm / 10.6-35.4 in
3.0-8.4 kg/m / 2.0-5.6 lbs/f
Ballast chain DIN 763
10 or 13 mm / 3/8 or 1/2 in
Coating / Base fabric
PVC/PU, 1100 dtex polyester
Tensile strength
4000 N/5cm /913 lbf/2 in
End connector
ASTM Z, F962 as standard
Special Features

For use in harbors, nearshore and in U-sweep configurations

Widely used Monsun XG 1 air valve for easy air-inflation

Easy to deploy

Low maintenance and easy to clean

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