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In-Built Oil Recovery System

The Lamor In-built Oil Recovery System LORS is a vessel mounted advancing skimming system that is based on Lamor’s proven conveyor chain brush technology. The system is designed for small workboats and tugs (7 – 15 m / 23 – 49 ft) up to medium and big vessels (15 – 85m / 49 – 278 ft) providing the highest possible performance and safety for oil spill recovery operations. Deployment of the LORS makes the entire vessel an “oil slick processing system”. The system utilizes the vessel’s forward motion to deflect surface water and oil from the collection area that is formed by the jib arm and deflection boom into the recovery process. The flow of water carries oil through the recovery channel where the oil is efficiently separated and recovered. The recovery channel recirculates surface water back into the recovery area increasing the system’s overall throughput efficiency. The LORS operates at vessel speeds of 4 knots effectively in harsh weather and sea conditions with a high oil encounter rate with a free water content of < 5 % and does not diminish the vessel’s maneuverability. The recovery capacity has been certified by Bureau Veritas and tested by e.g. the Swedish Coast Guard. The technical specifications vary on the size of the In-Built System and vessel, please see the Downloadables-section for a more thorough overview of the System, or contact your nearest sales representative for more information.

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