Hydraulic Power Pack 6 C75

The Lamor Power Pack LPP 6 C75 is used as a suction pump and a power source for Lamor skimmers and smaller hydraulically operated equipment. The Power pack represents a light-weight, easily portable power solution for hydraulic equipment that can be operated in remote locations. The LPP 6 C75 is equipped with a 5.4 kW (7.2 hp) air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine. An electric start is standard with a manual start as a back-up. The LPP 6 C75 has a single hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic flow is controlled by a valve located on the hydraulic pump body. The LPP 6 C75 provides ample power for multiple operations e.g. skimmers, light boom reels, etc. The integral Spate C75 pump is a self-priming double diaphragm pump with a maximum capacity of 30 m³/h (132 GPM). The Spate C75 can handle solids up to 6 mm (0.2 in) in size and it can be used for e.eg. flushing operations. The LPP 6 C75 is mounted on a durable and portable steel double wheeled chassis with a collapsible handle allowing for easy usage and transport. Moreover, the LPP 6 C75 can be equipped with an optional spark arrestor and/or a Chalwyn safety shut-down valve. Quick couplings: TEMA 2500, Suction/Discharge: 2 1/2 in.

Technical Specifications
Item ID
895 mm / 35 in
900mm / 35,4 in
730 mm / 29 in
130 kg / 287 lbs
Hydraulic Flow
3 l/min / 0,79 g/m
Hydraulic Pressure
150 bar / 2175 PSI
Fuel Tank
5 l / 1,3 gal
Delivery head
30 m / 98,4 ft
Suction Lift
9,1 m / 29,9 ft
5,0 KW / 6,8 HP
Special Features

Portable and light weight with wheels

Multipurpose power source

Electric start as standard

Manual back-up start

Air cooled single cylinder engine

Robust steel frame

Four point lifting rings as standard

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